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Raven Blackware Pottery

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Raven Blackware Pottery - Black and White View

Blackware pottery is a style of pottery.
Whiteware pottery begins with a white clay that is polished to a high shine and fired once.
Blackware pieces are fired a second time in smoldering sawdust to give them the deep black sheen of a raven.
Redware pottery uses a red clay polished to a high shine and fired one time.

Raven Blackware Pottery- DLC display Raven Blackware Pottery- Museum display

Displays in Elko, NV

Northeastern Nevada Museum, Barrick Gallery
1515 Idaho St, Elko, NV

"Carrying Water Across an Arid Landscape"
A collection of ollas and fanciful canteens

Duncan Little Creek (DLC) Gallery
516 Commercial St., Elko, NV

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