Raven Blackware Pottery - Dragonfly Olla Raven Blackware Pottery -  Whiteware clay pendantsRaven Blackware Pottery - Bison Skull Shield

Blackware pottery grabbed hold of me and refuses to let go. I enjoy the process of polishing clay rather than glazing it. Polished clay allows for finer detail in carving. I like the simplicity of the three basic colors, black, white, and red. I like the soft, warm feel of a polished piece rather than the hard, cold feel of a glazed piece.
Blackware: I fire a white clay body once for strength and then fire a second time in smoldering sawdust to turn it black.
Whiteware: I fire a white clay body once
Redware: I fire a red clay body once

It is an ancient technique used by Greeks and Romans and also practiced by Pueblo Tribes and the residents of Casa Grande, Mexico. I have modernized the technique, creating my own unique forms and decorations. My work reflects my view of the natural world, just as the original blackware potters used clay to portray their world.

Larry Hyslop is retired from Great Basin College. His wife, Cindy and Larry travel the West in their RV, where Larry gains inspiration from Western landscapes. During the 1990s, he first learned  pottery at the Tuscarora Pottery School and the Parks family, but later got hooked on blackware pottery.

Past Shows

Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, November, 2006
Rolling Rock Gallery, Elko, December 2006
Great Basin College, Elko, January, 2012
Duncan Little Creek Gallery, Elko, March, 2012
Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, Featured Artist, February, 2016
Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, Featured Artist, February, 2017
Duncan Little Creek Gallery, Elko, January, 2018

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